About stayin.town




Is a Directory/Portal designed by Accommodation owners for Accommodation Owners.

The main objective of stayin.town is to connect all properties together in a single portal, a portal that does not charge commissions on bookings either to the owner or the client.

stayin.town will rely on it's clients purchasing it's software and educational products from stayin.software and stayin.education.

It is our beleif that stayin.town will demonstrate our techoncal capabilities and show you what is possible, while at the same time creating a unique independant Online Travel Agent, one that works for the Accommodation Owner!

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What we sell


We hope you find this refreshing as we do not mention the 'Free' word here is how we make our money

For accommodation owners looking for a new or upgraded web site, we have created a template that we feel is a cut above others in the market Click Here to find out more.

If you are a representative or manager of a local Tourist Office and are frustrated with the 'Directory Software' available online, software that just lists accommodation and offers no real time booking capabilities . Click Here to find out more. For an unbeleivable price your local tourist office can have a branded directory with all the features of websites like booking.com and airbnb. Click Here to find out more.

Perhaps you are a Travel Agent that needs to be able to manage your business online, we have modified the Directory to suit Travel Agencies. Click Here to find out more.

Finally we realise that running a Bed and Breakfast or a Travel Business require you continually upgrade your personnel skills, be they in services, marketing or simply just understanding how to use all the online tools available.

To this end we have created stayin.education fronted by Yvonne Halling one of the most respected coaches in the Bed and Breakfast Industry. The aim of stayin.education is to create an elearning platform dedicated to the Travel Industry.


We are looking forward to working with you to build a better business for us all


Steve, Yvonne, Ivan and Leon