Travel Agency Websites


Create a Website for your Travel Agency


The product created by (SIS) not only allows you to create a Local DIrectory, Portal or Online Travel Agent similar to Airbnb or,  it also allows you to create your own Travel Agency business.

The difference between an Online Travel Agent (OTA) such as and a more traditionl travel agent that uses the internet is that allows people to register their property without carrying out any checks on that property.

A travel agent does not allow anyone to register without prior approval, they select properties that they know and are happy to recommend, they create packages that include flights, car hire, airport transfers and excursions etc.

The software developed by SIS allow you do do either:

Create your own Online Travel Agency similar to or Airbnb or create a Travel Agency Website that only allows you to enter the properties and packages you select and approve.

Naturally the software to do either can be expensive, this is where's 'Pay as you Grow' scheme helps you get your Travel Agency business off the ground.

It gives you the latest technology at a price that your business can afford, it allows you to start on an even footing (At least technically) with the big companies out there in the market.

Our software can be used for small niche type operators such as a Golf or Walking Holiday Travel Agent, as well as grand projects like our own

Depending on the number of properties listed on your Travel Agency you would pay a set up fee of between £1500 and £4500

Then pay on a monthly basis £10 - £25 per Accommodation Registered on your site (Min monthly fee of €500 ), this fee reduces with the more Accommodation owners you add to your Travel Agency.

All revenues generated on your site of course remain yours!


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