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There are many excellent travel directories or online travel agents (OTA's) in the marketplace today, massive companies such as Airbnb,, Trip Advisor, laterooms, expedia etc

They dominate and use software that is simply out of reach to smaller organisations, such as Tourist offices, Regional Portals, National Portal and Vertical Directories perhaps targeting cyclists or walkers for example.

There is also a lot of software that you can purchase on the internet that interfaces with the likes of Wordpress that allows you to create directories. Within these often complete systems you can add properties, Local companies and local attractions.

They are however quite complicated and generally fail at the first hurdle!

They do not handle real time reservations!

They do not interface with the channel managers

In short they just allow you to create lists.

So you will have spent a fair amount of money and an enormous amount of time and effort then ended up with a platform where people cannot book a room live online....So what was the point?

The money is in taking a commission from your clients bookings to repay you for your investment, getting a few pence back in Google Ad's will never make it a worth while business.

Also you will find it hard to attract members if you want to charge a registration fee, if your site does not handle room bookings online.

You I am sure will agree with this but as we stated earlier the sort of software used by the likes of Airbnb and etc is simply out of reach, or is it?

Is the directory you want out of reach?

At (SIS) we have spent the thousands developing a live directory, our own flagship directorty is called allows people to upload their availability automatically using ical, json and xml which means in the real world your new Website Directory will allow you to take online bookings.

You can purchase from us the technology behind , not only that , we will help you set the site up, brand it and take away the investment in time normally associated with starting a directory.

You can still have all the other features such as Geo Data (Map based searches), upload local companies and attractions, add news items, special offers etc.

The big difference is that we have created a 'Pay as you Grow' business model.

You could have a portal every bit as amazing as Airbnb for as little as £5 per Accommodation Owner Per Month*

Depending on the size and scale of your directory you would pay a set up fee of between £1500 and £4500

Then pay on a monthly basis £5 - £12.50 per real time Accommodation Owner Registered on your site (Min monthly fee of €500 ), this fee reduces with the more Accommodation owners you add to your Directory.

You can therefore generate commission from bookings on your site or charge a membership, you also can retain all revenues generated by charging advertising fees for local companies such as restaurants, pubs, clubs, attractions etc. 


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