About stayin.education




Is the brainchild of 4 individuals brought together by a common goal. That goal being the desire to introduce owners of Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Holiday Lets and Hotels to best in class software and marketing services.

The three partners Yvonne Halling, Steve Driver and Ivan Kukic believe that you should be able to have a world class internet presence at a very competitive price, they believe that you should understand how to manage social media and the giant online travel agents (OTA's) such as booking.com

They believe that but understand how the internet works and following our methods you will be able to reduce your exposure to the giant OTA's and regain control of your business.


Steve Driver


Steve has been running www.1parkrow.co.uk for over 14 years and regularly reaches monthly occupancy levels of over 95%, Steve uses a mixture of OTA based sales, but uses similar methods to Yvonne to reduce his exposure and commission levels.

Steve is the driving force behind the style and presentation of the software being developed by stayin.software, software that is highly professional, reasonable in price and software that allows the owners to take control of their own online marketing.

Steve has developed websites for many other B&B owners, helped them integrate their booking systems within their own website and integrate that booking system with the OTAs to avoid duplication of sales. 

Steve says 'There are just too many companies charging B&B owners too much money for products and service that are not up to scrutiny, our aim is deliver a first class product backed up by first class support and training'


Yvonne Halling


Yvonne is the 'Bed and Breakfast Coach' she created 'Les Molyneux' her beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Champagne in France some 10 years ago. Yvonne has never signed up to any online travel agents but has grown her business to reach a turnover of over €100K.

Yvonne has developed a range of courses that explain her methods and use of technology and are the core of stayin.education

Yvonne says  'No one is pretending that the OTA's are not important, they are, but they must not control you business, you need to take control of your business and reduce your exposure, work with us and let's cut that commission bill'


Ivan Kukic


Ivan is the technical arm of the trio, it's is Ivan's knowledge of code and a unique ability to understand and interpret the ideas and aspirations of Yvonne and Steve, then turn them into real products.

So far Ivan and his team has created a unique web structure that enables Yvonne and Steve to create best in class individual websites for their Bed and Breakfast and Guesthouse owners, Directories that enable local towns and tourist offices offer a real time booking solution and a unique Directory that enables companies to build an online travel agency.

Ivan and his team have also built www.stayin.education and our flagship directory www.stayin.town.

Ivan says 'Everything is possible'


Leon Van Esch


Leon is the glue in the business connecting the entrepreneurial team of Steve, Yvonne and Ivan to investors opening new markets and possibilities for the team and their products.

Leon says 'rarely before have I seen such a focused and committed team, stayin.education is the key behind their software and business ideals, well worth investing in'